Why python is so popular?

The first python version was released by Guido Van Rossum in 1991 as a succesor of the programming language ABC. The name was based from a well known comedy Monty Python's Flying Cirus.  Nowadays, python is used in different kind of systems going from web applications, websites, social networks, artificial inteligence software and even games and mobile applications.

Python, has positioned as one of the preffered programming languages for developers all over the world. Different raking and metrics put python as the most used and trending programming language. [https://www.tiobe.com/tiobe-index/]. 

It can be said that the growing demand and popularity of python can be explained by the following factors:

  • Simple and clean syntax: Python's sytanx is very simple and clean, based on natural language. This makes entering level programmers understand and learn python quickly and also helps to write in simple code algorithms that can be very complex to read in other programming languages. 
  • Large and mature community. [https://www.slashdata.co/] SlashData's report from 2021  estimated a community size of more than 10 million python developers, being the community with the hights increase rate compared to communities of other programming languges. This helps in having more online resources for developers, more tutorials, forums, quick and accurate answers in stack overflow as well as support and development of many frameworks and libraries.
  • Supported by corporate Respaldo de sectores corporativos. La tecnología suele avanzar más rápido cuando tiene el soporte o apoyo del sector corporativo. Por ejemplo, Java es apoyado por Oracle y Sun, Visual Basic por Microsoft. Entre las coportaciones que más apoyan Python se encuentran Facebook, Amazon y sobretodo Google. 
  • Libraries and frameworks. Python has already thosends of libraries and framewroks beneffiting developers to make their work easy, most of them are open source. Pipy  is the most used python package manager and has registered more than 395k projects. 
  • Efficiency, flexibility and speed.  Python can run on different platforms and operative systems given flexibility when developing and deploying software. Also, it not only gives efficiency to the team when creating software by writing simple code, but also produces optimized software because of its internal optimizations. 

Millions of developers use Python

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